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You stuck with me, you really are addicted to the taste of your own cum, aren't you?

Hotel CEI Games Part 2
I want to get you in a fucked up state where your brain becomes mush and you do exactly what you are told.

Forced Intox Cum Junkie
Your girlfriend Chloe returns from one her regular sex dates. You have accepted your role as her cuckold boyfriend so sit down ready to listen to her tell you all about her horny sex session but this time she has a surprise for you.

Cucks Condom Treat
There's always a condition, don't you know that by now? I don't let My boys jerk it whenever they like.

Every Last Drop
Little p o p p e r s puppet back for more? You just love getting all fucked up for me don't you? Well today you're going to pay for the pleasure.

Poppers Puppet Humiliated
While you are away on a business trip I send you a sneaky video and also packed a little "care package" in your suitcase.

Hotel CEI Games Part 1 - The Rules & Set Up
Cumboys like you live for girls like me- telling you exactly what to do. Just thinking about me telling you how to eat your cum has your loser dick dripping precum... but don't taste it just yet.

Loser’s Cumsock
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