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Goddess Kiki demands complete and total submission from her slaves and especially their naughty cocks.

Obey Goddess Kiki
Tell me how delicious it tastes, how you love cum and how it gets you wet that I want to eat my own. Lick your fingers and tell me that you’re going to help me eat cum like a girl.

Making You My Girly Cumslut
I am topless throughout this video. Hello, you hooker, you cocksucker, you cumeater, you hoe! You cum swallowing little whore.

Topless faggot humiliation CEI
Still in denial about being a cocksucker? Still buying all those CEI clips, those Coerced Bi clips and the like and pretending you do it because we tell you to?

Special CEI clip
What do you think is more degrading: taking a facial or cumming in your own mouth? See, it’s really debatable..

Cum Slut Facial