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Taste Your Virgin Cum

You fucking losers would love a taste of my beautiful pink pussy. You covet what's underneath this skirt. But even if you got to touch my delicious pink pussy, you wouldn't know what to do with it. You wouldn't know how to handle it. You'd be worthless. Your cock would be worthless. You'd be so intimidated by me that you wouldn't be able to perform. You'd get so weak. And that is why you're just a little virgin boy.
No girl wants to fuck you and you, you don't want to be a man. You are incapable. You don't try because you know that you'd fail. You'll never get my pussy, you'll forever just be a little bitch, a little loser virgin. You'll continue to spend your life jerking off all day. It's all you're good at, it's all you're capable of. You'll stroke to my ass and pussy all day but you'll never fuck me.
Real men fuck my pussy. Real men fuck. Virgin losers like you would rather jerk. You are worthless. You simply can't stop jerking off. You do it so often that you've given up a social life. You are a wanker. And this is why you'll remain a virgin.
So go on, stroke that dick. Jerk it and think about how afraid you'd be to ever fuck me, think about the fact that truly, you don't even want to fuck me, not even if I begged you. You'd rather just jerkoff. Do you know how pathetic that is? I think you've come to think that this is normal, but it's not. Chronic masturbators like you are just fucked in the head. Submit to the virgin life. I never want you to have hope of a real life.
Submit and stroke. Stroke and stare at my pussy, you fucking virgin loser. I want you edging that cock. I want you to make a big virgin load for your Princess. And then I'm going to make you lick up all of your virgin cum.

Taste Your Virgin Cum
Taste Your Virgin Cum

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