» » Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial

Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial

AH-HAH! We've caught you at last! Every since Star and I allowed you to move in with us, strange things have been happening around the house. First our panties started disappearing from the dirty laundry, then reappearing with big white stains in the crotch. Then, Star's computer got a bunch of weird viruses and porno pop-up ads for "sissy gang bang" sites. We've been planning on catching you for weeks, and we finally found you red handed - wearing girly make up, stockings, a wig, and my dirty panties while stroking your cock to SISSY PORN on Star's desktop! We always suspected your true sissy nature. Of course you couldn't hide it THAT well. Look how tiny your cock is. Your whole package is underdeveloped and fits neatly in a pair of panties. And look at your soft, tiny titties! You're naturally rather feminine, aren't you. Tell you what, sissy. We won't kick you out of the house. You're going to be our new house slut and sissy maid. What should we do first? Whore you out? Make you clean on your hands and knees? You're going to have to do something to atone for all that sneaking around . . . I know . . . you'll have to take a hot, creamy facial from the tip of your own little girl-cock. If you want to be a cum-slut so bad, sissy, now's your chance!

Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial
Sissy Roomate Forced To Take A Self Facial


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