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Jerk Ruin Eat

Look at my sexy body..am I making you hard? I bet you want to play with yourself, don't you? Start to jerk off, and I'll tease you with my perfect body while I tell you exactly what you're going to do for me today. I know how horny I make you. I know that you would do anything for my sexy body. Want to hear what I have in store for you? Of course you do! You are going to keep jerking your cock for me, until you feel yourself getting closer and closer. Then once you are right there, right on the edge, you're going to allow yourself to start cumming and the instant you start - remove your hand! But don't forget to catch the cum with your other hand, because you're going to ruin it and eat it for me! Jerk. Ruin. Eat.

Jerk Ruin Eat
Jerk Ruin Eat


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