» » Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI

Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI

In this clip Viola guides you through your first ever self facial cum eating experience. she is not here to humiliate or command but to guide and encourage you. in her british accent Viola encourages you to relax with deep breaths. allowing you your own time to complete this task she encourages you first to get your dick hard, then to jack off close to cumming. viola tells you to pause the clip when needed to allow you this time to enjoy it and get to the next stage. once you have reached the point of cumming viola guides you to adopt the position to take this facial, she guides you to stroke it with cock in your face staring at it ready to take it. she gives you a a countdowm to cum. once you have ejaculated she helps you clean up the mess, don't leave a drop.

Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI
Your first self facial - a sensual guided CEI

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