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Bratty Cum Eating Brain Conditioning For Weak Losers

I know you’ve been thinking about cum eating lately. You’ve been looking at cei clips a lot. You get all worked up thinking about it. You stroke to it. But you don’t do it. This time, you’re going to do it. I want you to think about eating it as you stroke it to start to condition your brain, so it associates pleasure with your thoughts of cum eating. I’m going to help you build up a nice big load to squirt out.
In order to get over that hump and actually eat it, you have to build that desire. And every time you jerk off, I want you to think about it going in your mouth, think about tasting it, think about some of it going on your face. And soon it will start sinking in that weak brain of yours. The conditioning has already begun. Even if you can’t do it this time, if you follow my steps repeatedly, soon you’ll be eating up every load. You wanna eat that hot sticky disgusting load, you just need some help getting there. My perfect body, my perfect ass, and my perky young titties will help you get there.
Stare at me as you jerk and think about eating up every drop. Think about how hot it would be if you got to do it for a hot young girl like me. I know you want to do it for me, to keep your Princess happy. I want to get you so worked up, so desperate to eat it, that you won’t be able to stop yourself. The urge will be uncontrollable. So I want you to imagine eating it as you cum and it’s going to be the best orgasm of your life, because you know that once that hot, sticky load hits your mouth, you’ll be stuck, you’ll be a cum eating loser forever. It will be the only thing that gets you off.
And if you get scared, just think about how good it will feel to do exactly as I say. Think about how hot it will be as you look up at me as you lick it up. And if you can’t, this time, just keep following my instructions and soon your brain will give in. Soon the thought will be the only way you can cum. It will be all you think about. And that’s why you’re here, right? Because you want me to encourage this behavior.
Jerk it faster loser. I’m going to tell you exactly how to jerk it to orgasm. You’re going to want to cum so bad it’s going to be unbearable. I want the urge to cum to take over mind completely. And as you blow, I want you focused on the thought of eating it up for me. I’ll bet it felt so good to cum just imagining eating it for me. Now satisfy that craving and eat it all up.

Bratty Cum Eating Brain Conditioning For Weak Losers
Bratty Cum Eating Brain Conditioning For Weak Losers


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