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Hey Cum Guzzler

So I heard you're having a difficult time eating your cum. Well that's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere don't they? And you've come to the right place. You'll be a dirty cum guzzling slut by the time I'm done with you. Perhaps you'd like to start by eating your cum off my luscious little tits? Would that make it easy for you? Or perhaps you'd enjoy the taste of your seed off of my perfect round booty? Or what about my sexy pussy lips?How would your cum taste all mixed up with my pussy juice? Do you like feet? You could lick your cum off of my toes. OR You could give me a facial and we could taste your cum together! But really all that is too easy for you isn't it? And lets be honest....I would never put your dirty jizz in my mouth. So this is how its going to go down...you're going to lay on your back, walk your feet up the wall, and jerk off into your own mouth you filthy cum guzzling whore. How does it taste bitch?
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Hey Cum Guzzler
Hey Cum Guzzler

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