» » Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Eat Your Own Cum

Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Eat Your Own Cum

This clip has 4 more endings to come so you can pick the one you're terrified of the most!
You are on trial for being a fucktard loser in the presence of superior beautiful females. This is a VERY serious offence for a loser to commit. Beta-males like you should stay well out of sight of girls like us. Like we'd want to look at your stupid fucking face LOL. You're fucking weak, ugly, and totally disgusting to look at - you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Alpha princesses like us... So what the fuck were you thinking - looking over at us, drooling and sweating like some sort of pervert. You totally grossed us out and ruined our lunch. So you've got to go on trial - and I'm going to be the judge and jury - Judge Jessie! I already know you're guilty and I'm going to hand you a horrible, humiliating sentence whatever you say but I guess we should at least look at the evidence against you first...
First of all you're obviously a loser. You're watching humiliation porn and you're probably jerking off with your feeble limp dick in your - while normal guys are actually fucking girls like us. Oh and did I already mention how gross you look to girls like us - you don't have muscles like the kind of guys we date do, your body is way below average and so is your ugly face - do you think girls like me deserve 'average' guys like you. Fuck no - it's only the best for me! Finally, I'm not saying you're small or anything but let me just put it this way - I only date guys who I can tell would make me scream in bed - you just don't measure up... or even get close.
So yeah - I'm totally out of your league and yet you still thought you'd ruin my lunch with the girls by staring at me. You're totally guilty and I'm totally going to hand out a sentence fitting a loser like YOU.
Your sentence will be TO EAT YOUR OWN CUM!

Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Eat Your Own Cum
Loser On Trial - Sentenced To Eat Your Own Cum



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