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Guess What Color

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do a jerk off instruction game for me with the stipulation that I have to guess the colour of your panties. if I guess wrong then I have to eat my cum make me jerk off from the start to finish tell me to speed up slow down things like that make me stop then start again. if you could wear a loose fitting skirt and every now and then tease me by slowly raising your skirt up and then pulling it back down again. say to me that your feeling generous and give me clues that may be true or are completely untrue only you know when the time comes say your going to count down from 5 and I have to give my answer then show me what you have on. go into detail how you want me to eat my cum from my hand or tell me to get on my back and shoot into my mouth its up to you to decide. give me cum count down from 10 once its in my mouth tell me to hold it in for a about 30 seconds then say swallow. if the clip could be about 13 minutes long if it can be done thanks for your time my name is Aaron.

Guess What Color
Guess What Color

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