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Cum Eating Play Game

Custom: You want me to play a little game. You have a pair of black or white panties on. I have to guess. If I guess wrong... I have to eat up all my cum. You tease me and tell me to stroke faster and faster and I'm getting harder and harder right to the edge. I'm begging you to give me a little hint, so I can get out of my cum eating punishment. Once you have teased me enough you give me a cum countdown and tell me to lock my answer, so I can't back out. Will I have to eat my cum for you or will I get to cum normally. If I guess wrong I have to eat my own jizz!Ps. If you really want to fuck with my mind you can have a different color panties, so I will guess wrong either way so I I have to eat my cum anyway, it's up to you!

Cum Eating Play Game
Cum Eating Play Game

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