» » Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum

Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum

What the hell, what does a giantess have to do, to get some alone time? Everywhere I go, guys are following me. I try to go to bed for the night in my satin nightie and robe and I run into two little men who snuck into my house! I am very upset that you guys are in here. Why are you here?!?To get a sneak peek of giantess curious cristine up close and personal? Well, you got it, now your going to pay, should I throw you out or should I squish you now? Neither. You wanted a show, wanted to see something fun? Well then, guess what I aim to please. You will get a fun show alright, haha. Let me get comfortable and take off my robe. Now, if you want to stay here at my house, you have to play by my rules, do you got that? Good. Now, you little man, I want you to have fun with your little friend. Take down his tiny pants and jerk off the mini cock! Do it now, your in my house an I am bigger then you, so you will do as I say! Haha, look at you go jerking away. Damn you horny little men. It hars for me to see your moron's are so small, let me get a closer look. Great job. You really want to stay in my house I guess. Well, I am not done with the fun show yet. You other little men getting his cock jerked, you have to do something for me too, it's not fair that just your friend gets to have all the fun. Open your mouth really wide for me and keep it that way, other little man while your still jerking aim his cock up towards his mouth. Oh, this is going to be fun. Here is your show. I will give you a little dance, while caressing my hot body in my silk nightie. That is getting you itty bitty men roaring to go, I bet. Great then. If your so horny, then you will cum. And when your about to cum, guess what? Your going to aim that nastyness into his small mouth so he can eat his cum! You will do as I say! That's working isn't it? Let me get a closer look of you climaxing. Wow, for such a small guy with a small cock, you sure just did cum alot, right in your awaiting mouth. Hahaha, eww fucking perverts! So disgusting, sneaking into my house and then jerking your small friends off and having them slurp their own juices up, haha pathetic little men. Well, I said I would let you stay here right if you did as I said? Well, I am like the black widow spider, you will stay here, eternally. Now, that I got what I wanted from you, I will squish you into my rug. Hahaha, stupid little men, hope it was worth it, say goodbye now!

Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum
Giant Makes Friends Eat Their Cum

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