» » Eating Your Cum Makes You Mine

Eating Your Cum Makes You Mine

I know you can't wait to put your hand on your cock. So grab it and start that movement that you know oh so well, move it up and down. I'm going to give you the perfect, teasing masturbation instructions you so desire. You crave this. I love knowing you're sitting there, jerking for me, looking up at me with your weak, pathetic eyes. You wait for my every word, to tell you when to jerk and when you may cum.
Each time I give you permission to cum, you become mine. Each orgasm brings you further under my spell. And this is why I even allow you to cum, because I know the effect it has on your weak brain. The more I degrade you the harder your cock becomes, further proving your submission to your Humiliatrix. Jerk it faster, fucktard. Bring yourself closer to the edge.
I want you to prove your devotion to me. I want you so focused on your cock that you can barely think. I want you stupid. You have no life other than me, other than my words, my commands. I give you purpose, I am your savior. You should be so grateful for all that I do to you. I am divine, loser.
Your mind is so confused now, and by letting you cum, I'm going to set your mind free, the mind that I have such a hold on at the moment. I know you're so close cumming. Beg for release like the miserable fucktard loser moron that you are. Prove yourself to me. Beg. Edge your cock and beg idiot.
Well if you want to cum, you're going to eat it for me. So hold out your hand and make your cock squirt in your hand. Fill up the palm of your hand, my puppet. Look at it, and know that once you eat it, you are mine, mine forever. We will have an unbreakable bond. This is only the beginning.

Eating Your Cum Makes You Mine
Eating Your Cum Makes You Mine


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