» » Cum Eating Instructions – Wife Feeds Condom

Cum Eating Instructions – Wife Feeds Condom

Well look what we have here, a dirty little cum drinker that loves nothing more than the taste of his own cum… and drinking it – of course! Why don’t you go and get a few special items for me. Go get your flavored condom, your woman, and then get completely naked - because I’ve got something special for you. Now I’ve got a little special message for your girl, too, so make sure she’s here. She needs to know just how much you want her to force you to slurp up all your hot sticky cum! After I’ve had a word with your girl, she’s going to know exactly what gets you off! That’s right – she’s going to make you fill up your condom, and let you suck out every last drop of your load! I hope you’re ready to be turned into a cum slut now, after all… this is what you’ve been asking for!
Cum Eating Instructions, Dirty Talk, Jerk off Instruction

Cum Eating Instructions – Wife Feeds Condom
Cum Eating Instructions – Wife Feeds Condom


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