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Momma's Boy

When's the last time you jerked off for me? And tasted your own cum? Come on, let's roleplay for a bit and make it happen!
You walk into your mom's room and find her reading a book. It's late at night and it looks like she's about to go to bed soon. Her robe doesn't leave much to the imagination. It doesn't take long before you get excited enough for her to notice your hard on. She decides it's time once again to help you out. It's not the first time but this time she wants to add a special ending to the experience. After you cum, she wants you to lick it and swallow your own cum. Mommy knows best so you follow along with all her instructions until she counts down and you're allowed to cum. After that, of course you'll have to follow through with all her demands. Mommy loves it when you're obedient.

Momma's Boy
Momma's Boy



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