» » Taboo CEI Humiliation JOI

Taboo CEI Humiliation JOI

Mommy (Larkin) is furious with you. You threw your nasty jizz shirt in the dryer with the clean clothes and now everything has your cum on it! Aunt Vera has a work conference tomorrow and now her formal black dress is ruined. We've had enough of your nasty behavior. It's normal for boys to masturbate, but you've taken it to an obsessive level. Mommy is sick of cleaning up after you.
It's time you learned a lesson. You are going to drop your pants right now and jerk off for us. Then you know what's going to happen? You are going to lap it all up. We have dinner reservations and we DON'T want to have to stress about you jizzing everywhere. Go on, whip it out.

Taboo CEI Humiliation JOI
Taboo CEI Humiliation JOI

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