» » I Told Her, Part 2

I Told Her, Part 2

This video was a custom request and the name Fred is used. This is the second part of the series of trying to convince Fred he IS GOING TO EAT his cum for me. He is dating my twin, so of course I use that against him. This clip contains elements of being teased, seduced, convincing, verbally repeating, owing me, and agreeing to do things for peeks. Think you'll FINALLY be able to do it? What are you so afraid of anyhow? This clip contains me blackmailing Fred with false information. I just know he did not taste his own cum last time so now I am going to make him squirm. I am also going to make him do more things for even more peeks at my luscious bits. He won't be able to resist this time.

I Told Her, Part 2
I Told Her, Part 2

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