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Ruin It Then Eat It

This cum eating clip is designed for all levels it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or expert at eating your cum this clip is for you! At first I tease you and make you jerk your cock super fast so I have you cumming in just a few minutes but there is a catch you will ruin that first orgasm. Let go of your cock as the cum just drips out of your hard cock but of course catch that dribble mess right in your hand don't worry I have plans for it. Now I know you are still horny and are begging for a normal release so I have you jerk while I tease you with my hot body you know I'm the best at it. I build up that orgasm it will be intense edging. Ok good now I know you want to cum again but not until I say and when I finally allow you to cum you will not swallow it right away. Hold it in your mouth gargle it enjoy it until I say swallow and I promise you will be the best cum slut out there after this clip!

Added: 2/22/18
Price: $16.99 USD

Ruin It Then Eat It
Ruin It Then Eat It



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