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Stroke Stop Sip Savor Swallow

I've got a humiliating game I want to play with you and it involves all of your favorite activities, jerking off, tease and denial and cum eating instruction lol. It's called, 'Jerk, Stop, and Sip'. So to play the game you're going to need to pause this video and return with a cup of your own cum, lol.
Good boy. Now sit back and gently start to stroke your throbbing cock. And think about what I'm about to make you do. You know it's going to be so degrading. And your cock is getting harder and harder, knowing I'm probably going to make you drink it, lol. But for now, just keep stroking it as I give you some very seductive, sensual, jerkoff instructions. Stare into my sexy, mesmerizing eyes as I tell you exactly how I want you to touch it. I'm going to make your cock tingle with excitement.
And even though you just came, here you are, stroking again. You just can't stop, can you? So horny all the time. Your cock just never leaves you alone. Jerk it faster for me loser. Faster. Now Stop! Take your hand off of your dick, and take a sip of your cum, just a sip. Hold it in your mouth and don't you dare touch your fucking cock. Savor the taste of your cum, savor the humiliation. Cock twitching with a mouth full of cum, lol.
How does it feel to be sitting there with a mouthful of cum and a raging hard-on? Now swallow and start stroking again. We're going to do this over and over and over again. Stroking, stopping, sipping, driving you absolutely insane. You're a humiliating addict and you'll do anything, no matter how humiliating, to get your next fix, your next orgasm.
You love stroking your cock for me, you want to cum for me again. I want your balls swollen full of cum. Faster, faster and Stop! Now swallow the rest of your cum. Drink it all down. Take your finger and put in in the cup and wipe out all of that cum and lick your fingers clean, lol.

Stroke Stop Sip Savor Swallow
Stroke Stop Sip Savor Swallow

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