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CEI - Harsh Humiliation

There seem to be so many clips featuring hot bratty girls convincing losers like you to eat their own cum. Gently encouraging you and coaxing you along until you blow your loser load into your own face. At Cruel Girlfriend we don't believe a CEI clip should be a softly-softly affair. We believe losers like you deserve to be harshly humiliated every step of the way until you empty your cumload into your shame-red face with our crushing verbal humiliation still ringing in your ears. That's exactly what's going to happen now freak. You're going to jerk off as I ridicule you and spit insults at you until you fill your own mouth with cum. Losers who watch cum eating instruction clips deserve to be humiliated. Listening to an out-of-your-league girl berate you while you jerk off is pathetic - and you need to feel ashamed of yourself. I'm going to totally make fun of you while you jerk off as you prepare to cover your own face in cum. I'm going to laugh at you as you get yourself into the humiliating loser position with your cock aiming straight into your mouth ready to accept my order to cum. I'll count you down - making you admit what a retarded loser you are until it's time to face your embarrassing end game. Open your mouth wide faggot - open wide and swallow your own cum you pathetic fucking cum-eating loser. Expect the most intense verbal beat-down fucktard!

CEI - Harsh Humiliation
CEI - Harsh Humiliation



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