» » Cum Junkie 4: The Turning

Cum Junkie 4: The Turning

You love eating your own cum. You keep asking me again and again to brainwash you into eating your cum. But you don't need it really. You love the taste of it. You take cum pills to ensure you make big heaping loads of cum for you to hungrily gobble up. You love every stage. You love taking the little dribbles of precum and tasting them. You love catching your own explosion in your mouth and hands and not letting a single drop go to waste. I love taking you to this place, where your own cum is so delicious. I want to take you down this spiral staircase of your mind and show you how deeply you love eating your own cum.

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Cum Junkie 4: The Turning
Cum Junkie 4: The Turning



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