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Anal Training and Sissy Feminization with Poppers

I'm here to train you. I know you want to be the best, most feminized little sissy that you can be. You want your ass to be skilled in the art of taking and pleasing big dick, don't you? Good little slut. We'll get you warmed up with some nice hits of p()ppers, and I'll teach you exactly how to suck dick. This is going to be so humiliating and pleasurable for you at the same time. Once you're warmed up, your anal training will begin, but not without plenty more Loaded, don't you worry. My feminizing talk and sexy teasing encouragement will help you pound your ass and fuck your throat like a good little sissy whore, taking my bi humiliation along with it all, of course. And when you're ready to explode, how should we wrap things up? By getting you to give yourself a nice facial, and swallow your own load, of course!

Price: $18.99 USD

Anal Training and Sissy Feminization with Poppers
Anal Training and Sissy Feminization with Poppers



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