» » 10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course

10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course

A good slave must be able to forget about his masculine pride in order to better serve a Woman. I found that a good way to train a male in this direction is by making him eat his own cum. So this video is a one month training course, during which I will give you 10 humiliating cum-eating tasks (you can watch them all at once or take it step by step), that can be performed by anyone using nothing special, just regular household objects. I recommend you perform a task each 3 days, to ensure a good build-up of cum for a better efficiency. This training will also help those of you who don't feel very submissive (yet) after an orgasm. After finishing this course (and I mean really finishing, without leaving a drop of cum), you will be an experienced cum eater.

Price: $23.99 USD

10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course
10 cum eating tasks for a 1 month training course



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