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Intense Humiliation - Cum Junkie Facial

Oh look, another worthless loser with a throbbing cock. You know you're a humiliation junkie, don't you? The only things that get you hard are deep forms of humiliation and degradation. Real men don't like it when a hot girl like me points out what a pathetic loser they are. But then there's guys like you who can't even get hard unless they're being humiliated by a hot brat like me. You know it's true, there's no denying it. Humiliation makes your cock harder and your orgasms bigger. It's a much more intense experience than sex is for you.
So go on, whip out that little dick and start jerking. You can try and fight it but you know the minute I called you a loser and told you that you had a little pin dick, your cock just got harder and harder. Stroke it, show me what a fucking worthless loser you are, who's only worth is jerking his stupid cock. Jerking is the only thing you're good at. It's your only hobby, your only friend. You love being humiliated, you love feeling inferior, it's the only thing that gets you off.
You are nothing. The dirt on the bottom of my heels is worth more than you. The stiletto on my heel is bigger than your dick. My heels mean more to me than you do. And you just love being reminded of that fact.
I'm going to prove to you what a humiliation junkie you are. While you stroke your little dick, I'm going to give you a few humiliating things to do to yourself while you're jerking. And you know what? You're going to do them. And not only that, you're going to love them. They're going to make you stroke faster. You love humiliating yourself for me because it's going to make your orgasm, that much more intense.
Regular porn just doesn't do it for you anymore, that's why you keep coming back for more abuse. You're a humiliation junkie, an addict, you crave it so deeply. You love it when I degrade you and that's why this orgasm is going to be so intense.
You're so stupid that when you're little dick is hard you can't think straight. You become a mindless jerk zombie and you love it.
And since you're such a pathetic loser you don't get to have an enjoyable orgasm. No. You're a humiliation addict so you're to cum in a degrading way. So get on your back and jerk your stupid cock in your face and when you cum, you're going to give yourself a big, sticky facial! That's right, I'm going to turn you into a little cum junkie too. Now lick it up!

Intense Humiliation - Cum Junkie Facial
Intense Humiliation - Cum Junkie Facial

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