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Very Humilating Cum Eating

Request: Well, you boys like to do your own thing most of the time, even when I tell you I am in control. But tonight, you need to be on your best behavoir and really follow along, because I have something very special and very kinky planned for you tonight. Your body is my little experiment, I will have you doing some nasty things to it for my amusment and curiousity. I wonder what will happen when I get to the 3rd thing I want you to do for me tonight when it comes to teasing or humiliating yourself or body. Hehe, just wait you have seen nothing yet until this clip the things I make you do, I force you to is more like it! Not only that but the end instruction, oh my god, lol, the yummy taste I hope your hungry for, I just can't wait! This is going to be a humiliating one, so your warned!

Very Humilating Cum Eating
Very Humilating Cum Eating


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