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Gag and Swallow

So you are a nasty disgusting s h 1 t-eating freak, huh? Chasing tail not to fuck it, but to eat out every bit of stinky excrement hiding within the crevice of my crack. Lucky for you, I had a huge breakfast that has gone right through me. It is actually perfect that you are obsessed with choking down my giant s h 1 t, but I know my load is certainly not enough to satisfy your hunger for fecees. I decide to contact all my boyfriends to start eating as much foul food as possible so they can help me fill your cesspool of a gut. Isn't this what you wanted, to be a hungry toilet slave with your lips wrapped around a stinky sweaty asshole, swallowing load after load of hot steamy s h 1 t?

Gag and Swallow
Gag and Swallow

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