» » Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina

Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina

Day 6 of Twelve Days of Christina. You've reached the halfway mark. 5 days is not enough. You need MORE! It's been an adventure but Goddess is still not through with you. You've had good days and bad - both pain and pleasure. You love seeing your Goddess so cheerful and happy this holiday as she plays and humiliates you like the toy you are. Goddess will have mercy on you once again and allow you release - though only her way. You're cock and balls need a break after yesterday's punishment. That's just what they'll get. Lucky lucky slave you are! Obedience is always a must. You want to be my Good Boy. You'll spill today for your one true Goddess. Then you'll happily FROST Yourself!
Added: 12/18/18
Price: $21.99 USD

Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina
Day 6 Frosty Little Cum Eater: Twelve Days of Christina

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