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CEI Timer Game

Let's play a little cum eating game. Strip down, lie down, and point your cock at your open mouth. And then the timer begins. You can stroke at any pace you want, but you're not allowed to stop until time's up.
If you lose control? It's a big facial, a yummy creamy mouthful, for you. If you hold out? I'd like to see you try. I know you can't hold back when I tease you endlessly about that big stream of cream that'll soon be filling your eager mouth, and especially when I tell you how much it'll turn me on.
You're not allowed to swallow until I say. The sooner you explode, the longer you'll be savoring that load. And you will savor it, even if you last until the very last second. There are more than 10 minutes of post-cum instructions awaiting...
Added: 9/15/18
Price: $26.99 USD

CEI Timer Game
CEI Timer Game



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