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You ll Swallow It

I’m so hot that I don’t even have to try. No high heels today. No sexy dress. But I’m still drop gorgeous. My tits, my ass, my legs. Perfection. My cute almost sweet voice and laugh can be so deceiving. You start to think that I may be nice to you. That I’ll let you stroke to me with ease. And now you’re getting hard. Your cock is throbbing. You’re dying to yank on that cock just looking at how amazing I am. Knowing you’ll never get a hot girl like me. So you’ll do it won’t you? You’ll do as I say. Just to make me laugh. Just to please me. Even as doubt floods your mind. Then you see my tits. You grow weaker. You’re so weak for me. You can’t resist. You’ll do it for this hot ass. You’ll do it because you’re a pathetic loser. You like being called my loser. But ultimately you’ll do it because you can’t say no.
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You ll Swallow It
You ll Swallow It



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