» » Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum

Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum

First in a 5 part series designed to take you from CEI novice to total cumslut. CEI virgin? Need me to hold your hand step by step through eating it? Then you've come to the right place. I know exactly how to help guys like you learn to love eating their cum for me, or at least take the plunge and try it for the first time! Years of experience have shown me the tricks to getting you to go through with it, and even condition you to love guzzling that cum! So, if you want to be my kinky boy, let's start with an easy initiation; precum tasting. I look sooo fucking hot in my bra, panties & miniskirt, that today's jerk off instruction will be a sexy one. You'll be edging and getting that cock to drip for me, as long as you promise to have a little taste...
Added: 2/3/19

Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum
Progressive CEI Training 1 - Precum



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