» » Plugged and covered in cum

Plugged and covered in cum

You’ve told me not to cum for several days, and to have my largest butt plug on hand, so I can please and amuse you. Make me kneel at your feet. I can barely handle when your face comes close enough that I can look into your beautiful eyes. Make me earn your presence by begging for your precious spit. Cover my face with it and make me thank you for the privilege. I’m not to clean it away until you’re done with me. You tease me with your divine body, but I am not allowed to touch myself yet.
First I must beg to be allowed to fill my own ass for you. When you’re satisfied by my begging, have me plug myself, and make me thank you for it. Plugged and covered in your spit, I am now allowed to touch myself for you, but I have to beg to be allowed to cum on my own spit-covered face. With you standing over me, teasing and commanding me, I must obey. When you’re ready to give the countdown, have me flip over into position, but pause halfway through the countdown to make me really beg for it. After I cum, make me thank you for it. Tell me what a pathetic bitch I am for your pleasure and amusement, lean in close and spit on me one more time, and make me thank you and tell you how much I worship you.

Plugged and covered in cum
Plugged and covered in cum



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