» » Begging for Tease & Denial Part 4

Begging for Tease & Denial Part 4

I was about to head out for a night on the town when I realized I really wanted to make a new addition to My series. Here I am dressed in a normal outfit... still looking so very sexy. With how much denial you've been dealing with lately, I know it won't take much to get you to the edge. Besides, you can thank My little edging zombie for the lack of bikini in this clip. Apparently I got him so worked up a couple weeks ago that he ACCIDENTALLY blew his load!! I guess I'm just not denying you enough, huh? Maybe I should deny you the privilege of release for the rest of your life. I could drag this on forever and you would love every second of it! Why should I even allow you to cum to Me? Maybe if you get on your back and prop your legs up against the wall... LOL... maybe if you point that dick RIGHT at your face as I count you down, I MIGHT let you cum! Go ahead, this is what you want, isn't it? you want to cum, right? Then you'll do exactly as I say!
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Begging for Tease & Denial  Part 4
Begging for Tease & Denial  Part 4



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