» » Complete CEI Training Program: Part 1

Complete CEI Training Program: Part 1

Welcome to My complete three phase Cum Eating Training series (each previously sold separately), for aspiring cum sluts such as yourself. I assume you are here because you have wanted to explore cum eating through the CEI clips you have purchased in the past, or because I have instructed you to do so personally. Either way, you were likely drawn to the idea of cum eating but were unable to complete the task.
I have decided to change My approach by turning this into a three phase process.
Phase One consists of sampling the taste of yourself through your precum, as you’re wildly horny, stroking to Me. This is just a taste of the ultimate goal — a mere watered down version — but a good warmup, nonetheless.
Added: 4/1/19
Price: $11.99 USD

Complete CEI Training Program: Part 1
Complete CEI Training Program: Part 1



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