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CEI encouragement: I'll touch myself too

You know what you’re here for.
You’re a little cum slut. And you’re uncomfortable with the fact. That’s why you’re here.
You become a little bit more comfortable with your little habit when it’s assisted and encouraged by a beautiful woman, right?
If I tell you to eat your cum, it feels a little less bad. Let me help you, little cum slut. Because you can’t jerk off to regular porn. It feels dirty, eating your own cum after watching these girls go through an incredible fuck session… ending that with doing something so despicable and disgusting?
That’s why you’re here. For me to tell you it’s okay to jerk to me, expecting you to eat your cum at the end. ENCOURAGING you to eat your cum at the end. You love jerking, but what you love most is that little treat at the end.
So I’ll help you out. I’ll get you hard. I’ll help you reach your climax. I might even touch myself as you jerk.
I LOVE licking my fingers after I make myself cum, so what’s so wrong with you doing the same? It’s okay to be a cum slut.
Mmmm, I love tasting myself. I bet you taste good, too. Why don’t you gather up that pre-cum on your finger, and lick it? Mmm, doesn’t it taste yummy, little cum slut? It makes you hungrier for the grand finale, huh?
It’s okay to embrace what you are.
Keep touching yourself. I know you’re hungry. Keep touching yourself, just like me.
The pre-cum is just an appetizer, right? You want the meal. But you have to wait patiently, until I say you can eat.
But I’m here to let you indulge. Without shame. Without guilt. Indulge. I’ll give you a 20 second countdown…
Now cum for me. Cum HARD for me. Produce that big, big load you’ve been waiting for. Eat that cum. Eat that cum for me — you’ve been waiting so patiently.
Mmm, was that good? Lick it up. Every last drop. Savor the taste. Mmmm, good boy.
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CEI encouragement: I'll touch myself too
CEI encouragement: I'll touch myself too



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