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Ruined Facial

You bought this clip knowing that I was going to make you eat your own cum. How pathetic is that? You literally buy clips knowing I'm going to make you ingest your own cum. That is so disgusting and humiliating. So go on you stupid cum junkie, start jerking your cock while I tell you what I have in store for you today, I know you can't wait to hear. You're going to get on your back, put your legs up high in the air, jerk your cock off right in your face, and right as you're about to cum, you're going to let go of your cock, ruin your own stupid orgasm, and let it all drip off of your unsatisfied cock right onto your face! LOL! And any that rolls off of your face, you're going to find it and lap it all up, every last drop! You need to slurp up every drop of your ruined orgasm.
And not only do you deserve this, but you crave it. You love ruining your orgasms for me and you love eating your cum even more! That is so stupid and so pathetic yet you're pounding away on your cock right now with excitement. You're such a cum hungry little animal. And the more I humiliate you for being desperate cum eater, the faster you jerk. I know how to make your dick twitch with excitement and I want you to build up a huge orgasm so it can be ruined and I can laugh when it drips all over your face.
You're going to love this loser and you better follow all of my instructions. Once you roll over on your back and you feel that first shot of cum come out, I want your hands off your cock and just let it trickle all over you. I don't want you to enjoy the cumming part, but you can enjoy the eating part as much as you want! LOL! You're so cum hungry that you don't even care that I'm going to ruin your orgasm. Look how fast you're jerking now. Tell me what a little cum eater you are, I want you to say it out loud.
Faster, get yourself right to the edge, then roll over on your back and get your cock as close to your face as possible. Now continue jerking with your mouth wide open. Jerk it in your face loser, and just as you're about to cum, Let Go! Do not touch your cock! Let it all dribble out. All of it. On your face and in your mouth. You just gave yourself a ruined facial! You fucking idiot! Eat it all up now, all of it. And thank me, thank me for doing this to you loser. You sick cum guzzler.

Ruined Facial
Ruined Facial


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