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Give Yourself a Facial

You 're used to eating your own cum now. You 're a cum -guzzling veteran. It 's not new or scary for you anymore. You 're no longer nervous. And that bores me.
I 'm taking your CEI to the next level. Something more gross and humiliating. You 're going to give yourself a facial and then lick the cum from your face.
I see you 're nervous again. Good. Keep jerking the way I tell you to , my little cum slut. You 're going to be so desperate to cum by the time I 'm done with you that you 'll cum in any way I tell you to -- even if it 's all over your face.
And we 're going to keep doing this until giving yourself facials is something you love to do. Until it 's something you won 't hesitate to do. And then I 'm going to push you even farther.
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Give Yourself a Facial
Give Yourself a Facial


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