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Cum Eating Anal Play

We're going to take this CEI session to the next level. Get out a dildo. Get ready to fuck your asshole. You know your cum tastes ever so much sweeter when your butt is stuffed. That load is so much bigger when your prostate explodes at the same time as your cock, and the act of eating it feels so much naughtier.
Starting out slow. Inserting one finger at a time as you stroke simultaneously, urged on by my verbal CEI foreplay. It's a challenge, but you know it turns me on just as much as it does you. And I make it so much fun. There's not a drop of humiliation. Just pure encouragement. This clip is all about pleasure.
Tasting that precum as the dildo slowly enters your hole. Swallowed up inch by prostate tingling inch, edging your cock and fucking yourself at the same time, and your thirst for cum is in overdrive.
Cum filling your mouth while your asshole is full and stretched wide. But you won't swallow right away. You'll savor every drop as that dildo stays in your ass, as far as it can go.
This clip starts out so sweetly. So innocently. The intensity grows so gently, so painlessly, that you can barely believe it when you're finishing with a dildo fucking your asshole hard while cum drips out of your mouth.
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Cum Eating Anal Play
Cum Eating Anal Play



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