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CEI Operant Conditioning

You know I'm well versed in psychology...it's a big part of what makes me so successful as a femdom; because I can go that one step further when it comes to helping people realize their fantasies. You may remember my hugely successful 'Respondent Conditioning' Bi-Encouragement clip, playing on the premise of pairing a positive stimulus with a previously neutral stimulus, in order to reprogram your mind and desires. We're going to enlist a similar concept today, but with cum eating encouragement. I know you've been so hesitant to swallow your cum. You've tried so many things, and you just can't do it. But I'll bet you've never tried this. Topless in only sheer lingerie, thigh high hold ups and a string thong, I'm here to sensually walk you through your first CEI experience. You'll need something you really like to drink, and something you really like to eat, on hand.
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CEI Operant Conditioning
CEI Operant Conditioning



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