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Escalating Penalties CEI

You will eat your cum for me today...or else. I'll give you three chances to swallow that load. Three cum countdowns, three different ways of eating your jizz, with so much encouragement and teasing along the way. That, in itself, should be enough to make you do it. But if you don't? If you resist my cum eating demands? Each time you fail, you'll have to suffer a penalty.
The penalties are worse than the pleasure of swallowing your cum, of course. And their level of intensity escalates with each round. The consequences intensify, your cum craving builds...it's the perfect storm to make a resistant cum slut finally gulp down his cream. This is a game in which swallowing your load is the best play you can make. It's the only logical move.
Go on, cum lover. Eat it or else.
You can play this CEI game on easy mode or hard mode. For easy mode, you only need to eat it one time, and then you're free from additional penalties. For hard mode? You must eat it all three times or suffer the consequences.
Added: 7/19/19
Price: $34.99 USD

Escalating Penalties CEI
Escalating Penalties CEI



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