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EAT your Orgasms

Given the permission to orgasm is a huge privilege and of course comes at at cost. A disgusting, degrading, humiliating cost. Yeah, you're a loser and losers eat their mess because I said.
My body does things to your already weakend state. It brings out all your submissive tendencies and you so desperately search for that next humiliating high. You're going to eat every single drop of your hot, sweaty cum. You're going to do it when on my demand and you're going swallow it like a true cum slut as I laugh at how stupid and gross you are. You have no choice, you simply cannot decline as you will do anything just to cum for me. It's my curves, my power and just because you are so fucking addicted to me you really will do anything. I hope it tastes disgusting, I hope you feel ashamed and I hope you are left with not only an after taste of your own cum but in total confusion from your lowly act of loserness.

EAT your Orgasms
EAT your Orgasms



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