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The cum diet - Day stfu

We started your brand new diet a while back, and I'm sure that you've already been having lots of fun eating your own cum for me during this week. I trust you came up with new and exciting ways of eating your cum even without my constant instructions and ideas.
However, because I'm feeling generous and creative today, I decided to come up with a plan for next time your jerk off. Instead of instructing you on how to eat your own cum for me today, I will instruct you on how to store it and turn it into something nice and yummy, but also refreshing, that you're gonna be using for me next time you will jerk off. So you can say you're lucky - you won't have to eat your own cum for me today.
But you will still have to store it for next time, and ooooh don't you worry, cause next time you'll jerk off, you're gonna be eating a double portion to make up for skipping a day haha ;) so...do you have any idea how I could be planning to make you store your cum? Any clues? Well...I guess there's only one way to be 100% sure that you guessed correctly. Go ahead and find out.
Added: 8/31/19

The cum diet - Day stfu
The cum diet - Day stfu

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