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Cum in Your Mouth for Carlie Chibi

I know a super fun game to play with you today. You are eager to touch yourself for me aren't you? I know you are, you can't deny it. You'd do anything for me to allow you to touch yourself. Well I will but there is something I want. I want you to eat your cum for me. If you want to cum for me then you're going to eat it for me too. But it's not just like, I like to put a little more of a challenge in it. I prefer to watch a boy shoot his cum in his own mouth. Interested? You better be because if you want to cum for me this is the only way. Your cock is so hard already. If you agree to play by my rules I'll let you touch it. All you have to do is shoot your load in your mouth for me.
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Cum in Your Mouth for Carlie Chibi
Cum in Your Mouth for Carlie Chibi

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