» » You dreaming about cocks...Bisexual encouragement therapy...you need to explore your BI self

You dreaming about cocks...Bisexual encouragement therapy...you need to explore your BI self

Let's continue our therapy today. I know you are strong, confident man. You have all you ever wanted, great job, lot of money, nice house and wonderful wife and family. And still...there is something missing! Your satisfaction in your sexual life.
And now I finally know...what is it. What are you missing so much! I know you are the MAN, you feel like alpha man and you don't even want to think of it...not talk about it. And this is the biggest problem! Like this you will be never, never happy in your life! I'm your therapist and I'm the best, that's why you come to me. So let me give you this advice.
You must stop pushing your feelings and your fantasies away! There is nothing to be shy about! Every man has a homosexual feeling inside him. And you are not different! But because you feel responsible for your family and your wife...you've been hiding who you really are! That must stop now!
I'm absolutely discreet but I want you to be happy...I want you to explore your fantasies! And I just know where to start with you! Your Bisexual encouragement will begin now! I know you need to bi forced a bit...to feel like you are not sure you ant to feel the dick...but you do! And you will follow all my orders now!
Look what I do have for you...so beautiful big cock! So hard, so huge and swollen and it will be all yours! Explore your bisexual self! Come on...is so close to you..that amazing cock...you want it...you want to touch it! Feel his hardness in your hand! Touch it...hold it strongly in your manly hand!!!
Good...stroke his big cock...feel the man in your hand. NO, you will not stop now! I want you to take of your cock and with other had jerking your cock! Do as I said! It's something you were dream of for so, so long and we just open that taboo gate!!! The gate of your bisexual fantasy! You need this...you need me to lead you through and I'm the only person, who love to open the men mind...to made him feel what he always wanted!!! YES now..continue...today therapy is just a beginning!

You dreaming about cocks...Bisexual encouragement therapy...you need to explore your BI self
You dreaming about cocks...Bisexual encouragement therapy...you need to explore your BI self



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