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Self-Facial Cum Tribute

I know how much you love to tribute me with your cum, but tonight it's going to take more than just your usual load. Tonight, I want you to show your devotion with a huge wad spent all over your face! I begin by having you lay down on your back and prop your legs up. Next, I instruct you on how I want you to tug and edge while milking your prostate, all the while thinking about how badly you want to feel that cum splatter all over your face. Finally, when you are on the brink, quivering and moaning, I count you down to release, instructing you to blow a massive load all over your face. Don't forget to swallow, I don't want you to waste a drop!
Added: 7/5/19
Price: $12.99 USD

Self-Facial Cum Tribute
Self-Facial Cum Tribute



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