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CEI for the Shy

In the first part, I tease you for a few minutes and then I make you cum in a glass, on a plate, or maybe even on your desk (your choice). Then I let you pause the clip and take a little break. I realize that sometimes it’s a lot harder to eat your cum once you’ve had an orgasm, so I let you take a break and then I instruct you to start edging again. Once you’ve got yourself nice and worked up again, you will start this clip right where we left off. I will coax you along for the remainder of the clip, helping you to realize that it’s totally normal to eat your own cum. No need to be shy about it, but I understand. I’m here to help you… don’t worry, I have your best interests in mind. Now are you ready to eat it? Oh don’t worry, you’ll be BEGGING to eat your cum by the end of this clip. Enjoy
Added: 12/11/19
Price: $29.99 USD

CEI for the Shy
CEI for the Shy



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