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Cum Addicted Coffee Drinker

Good morning. I know you love your morning coffee. This morning you are going to add what you normally would add PLUS a shot of 'protein'. So while it's brewing, take out your cock and start jerking to me.
Jerk off to my sexy body while I tease you. You are such a pathetic little cum eating slut! I know how bad you want this loser.
Now pour your coffee into your mug. But keep jerking. Jerk to my fucking ass. Get yourself so close to the edge. Good boy. You're such a loser you'll do anything I'll say. You are so addicted to your own fucking cum. You crave it.
So go ahead you cum addicted fool, cum in that coffee. Drink up :)

Cum Addicted Coffee Drinker
Cum Addicted Coffee Drinker


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