» » Vicky's CEI Instruction

Vicky's CEI Instruction

On the FLOOR like a Good SLAVE. Today you are going to worship all of Vicky's amazing body.
What could possibly be better than serving TWO HOT GODDESSES? How about burying your WORTHLESS face deep in between her nice ROUND ASS! or perhaps between those nice BIG BOUNCING TITS?
Vicky will tease and torment you, knowing that the more that she teases and denies you, the more it will drive you wild and make that small cock of yours throb and throb. Making you fall deeper and deeper in love with her. Watch as she bounces and shakes her AMAZING ASSETS within inches of your face making you to see more, unable to resist HER, hypnotising YOU more and more until none of YOU will be able to say NO. YOU won't be able to last till the end as Vicky gropes and squeezes her AMAZING TITS more... tormenting and frustrating you more and more.. ''Wank that cock for me'' All so she can watch YOU wank and then agree to swallow your CUM for her. ''Remember our deal, you have to shoot your load into your hand and lick it all off!''

Vicky's CEI Instruction
Vicky's CEI Instruction


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