» » Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment

Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment

There is new scientific proof that the more cum you eat, the gayer you become. Yes seriously. And it doesn't even matter whether it's someone else's cum or your own. Eating cum makes you gay. So in order to test this theory, we're going to do a little experiment. I know you eat a lot of your own cum, so I've been wondering.... Have you started to have gayer thoughts or fantasies? And I also wanted to know if you've started craving it in your ass a bit more? Hmm I see, so both of those things are true. You must be eating a lot of cum because these are definitely two side effects.
But in order to truly check this, here is the experiment... Over the course of the next 30 days, you are going to eat your own cum at least once per day, if not twice. And during that time, I want you to monitor your gay feelings and see if they intensify.
And let's not delay, we need to start right away. So get that cock out and start stroking, I'm going to coax you to your first load to eat. And while I instruct you on how to jerk it, I want you to try and not focus on how sexy I am, but think about big hard cocks. Oh yea, that turns you on doesn't it? Now as you're stroking, I want you to press a finger right against your asshole. Just push on it a bit. Good boy, that's it.. Doesn't that make your cock harder? You're getting gayer by the second, and you haven't even eaten your first load. Well, you've probably been eating your own cum for years, lol.
Keep jerking it you little faggot. But don't cum til I say so. Cup your hand and get it ready to catch all of that cum because I don't want you missing a drop! I want you to slurp it all up. We need to see if this little experiment is going to work. Faster now, get ready to cum in that hand... Do it, cum in your hand!
Now drink it all down, all of it, swallow it down. Good boy. Yummy, lol. Now remember, you need to do this every day for the next 30 days and monitor your gay progress! LOL I'm going to turn so many of you into little cum eating fags!

Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment
Cum Eating Makes You Gay, The CEI Experiment

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