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Eat it or Else!

Hey little bitch, I know your cum eating secret. So you are going to eat that spunk for me or else I'm going to tell your wife what a nasty fucking pervert you are. Most of all, she is going to know where all the 'extra' cash is going...right to me. You know I deserve it, but she has no idea what you do behind your office door.
Pull it out and start jerking it for my sexy, curvy body. I am so superior to your wife. Eat that jizz for me you dirty little faggot! My body will coax every drop out as I force you to love creamy cum facials even more. Don't you want to be like those nasty cum guzzling porn stars?
Sexy tease coupled with downright filthy language, and you have no choice but to obey.
This clip includes: cum eating instruction, CEI, masturbation instruction, lingerie, dirty talk, facials, brat girls, humiliation, tease and denial, and FemDom POV.

Eat it or Else!
Eat it or Else!


Tags: Miss Kelle Martina, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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