» » Rewiring Your Brain To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet

Rewiring Your Brain To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet

You have a need to ingest your own cum. But you have an issue with how it tastes. Every time you cum and try to eat it, you can't swallow it because of the taste. But you want to sooo badly. You need to. You wish you could. Well after today, that issue will no longer plague you. I am going to hypnotize you today, and by the time I am through, you will Love the taste of your own cum, and you will be able to gobble up every load from now on. So get comfortable, relax, and I am going to take you under with a very long, deep, powerful induction. Just put your mind in my hands.. Breathe, listen, and let your mind and body go limp.
"Your mind is now open to me. You will find my words imprinting themselves deep within your subconscious. You find yourself surrounded in your cum, and wanting to eat every drop of it so badly. You reach down and find yourself raising a handful of your own cum to your lips. You smell it, and you find the smell to be sweet, intoxicating. It smells of the sweetest thing you have ever smelled. You stick your tongue out and you dip it, into your handful of cum, and it tastes exactly as it smells, sweet, delicious. You now want to drink it down, in large gulps, and it makes you happy. Because for the first time, you are enjoying your cum, and you have wanted this for so long. With every orgasm you eat, they will grow tastier and more delicious. You will find yourself masturbating, just so you can taste that delicious taste again and again. You crave it's sweetness. With every orgasm it gets stronger and stronger, sweeter and sweeter. You are nourishing your mind, your body and your soul, with the taste of your own cum."
The receptors in your brain have now been permanently changed and reprogrammed. You would not believe the power of the mind. The smells and tastes that you just experienced, will be how you will experience your own cum from now on. You've needed this for so long. You love your cum. Your cum is so delicious.

Rewiring Your Brain To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet
Rewiring Your Brain To Make Your Cum Taste Sweet

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